Friday, April 8, 2016

Heart and sleeve

A sketch from yesterday.  I'm drawing again more, taking inspiration from vegetables, art museums and life circumstances, and enjoying the ability to express myself. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Windy City Mehndi Meet

This past weekend I attended a gathering of artists and enthusiasts in Chicago, the Windy City Mehndi Meet.  This event is put on by Kendra Williams of and supplied by Jen Schafer of

We gathered for two days in a well lit room with ample space to hear talks about the science and chemistry of mixing, the mechanics of drawing, the particulars of artists' style, and even how to properly letter. We learned from one another by drawing henna designs on skin and watching other artist's approaches to using the tool as well as design aesthetic, and hearing about their experience during the process.

There were a wide variety of seasoned pros to youngsters recently bitten by the henna bug, and everyone in between, local and distant home bases, so many stories!  The henna provided by Jen was smooth and lovely to work with, and the stains have been gorgeous and dark.

I loved meeting Catherine, Rachel, Genevieve, Darlene, Misk, and Elisa, and spending time with artists whom I had already met and admired and consider friends.  

The opportunities for growth as an artist, chemist, business person, and for networking and friendship are abundant at henna conferences, and I recommend the Windy City Mehndi Meet in April in Chicago annually as a good one.

I am based in MN and there are two larger conferences per year here, one in November, and one coming up at the end of this month.  The Polar Spring henna meetup will be on April 29, 30 and 31, and it will be a good one as well.  Think about joining us and click here for the Facebook event page and details.  I'll be waiting for you there with a cone in hand  :)
photograph by Genevieve S 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Blessingway for Marit

I got to do a belly blessing for beautiful Marit last night, while she was surrounded by loving friends and family. I find this celebration of mom and motherhood and baby and the exquisite anticipation very touching, and I love my role as henna artist. Baby stretches and kicks and seems to say, 'This is new, what is happening?'  Mom is surrounded by stories and wisdom and support and love and I'm an extension of that. #ilovemyjob #hennaartist #mehndimadememories #bellyblessinghenna #bellyblessing

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bridal Mehndi for Sidney

In late February, I had the privilege of doing bridal mehndi for Sidney. The families came in to Minnesota from other states and countries for the ceremony to take place at a temple here.  The blending of cultures and traditions with honor and joy and support of many family members was truly a joy to be a part of. I learn from and enjoy each family I get to join in celebration in my role as mehndi wallah, and the warmth and sharing was special at this event. All my best to the couple and their family!